About Us

Newey has for the past nine years hosted the GroSouth Exhibition.

Back in 2010 following the demise of Monro South and the news that GAN and the Southern Growers  Exhibition would no longer continue Newey championed the need for a show in the south. When no one took up the mantel Newey themselves decided a show must go on.  It was the demand from the industry, the support from the exhibitors and the courage of Newey that made this possible and each additional year the GroSouth exhibition grows in popularity.

Success builds on success and the GroSouth Horticultural Exhibition is now THE major end of season trade event for the South and East of England for the Horticultural Industry.

No other horticultural exhibition in the South of England can offer so much.

We welcome you on board; put the date in your diary and come and have a great day.