Seminars and Workshops


10.00am Fargro Senior Technical Advisor Chris Dart

New developments in the control of whitefly and aphid
With Integrated Pest Management now a requirement this talk will review current available biological, biopesticide and chemical pesticides for control of aphids and whitefly and concentrate on recent changes.

11.00am Andrew Gaunt: Plant Health and Seeds Inspector

Andrew Gaunt

With Brexit upon us (maybe) its all change for plant health. Andrew Gaunt will be on hand to provide up- to -the minute information on plant health and in particular how leaving the EU affects plant movements across Europe. Andrew Gaunt presentation is always worth listening to but on this occasion, this is one seminar you can’t afford to miss!

2.00pm Fargro’s Growing Media and Fertiliser Specialist Sean Whitworth

Taking a fresh look at plant nutrition
In this session, Sean will look at a range of innovative ways of delivering plant nutrition to ornamental crops. He will discuss the role organic fertilisers can play in improving plant quality and their environmental impact.



1.00pm Growtrain’s Managing Director Graham Bryant

Graham Bryant

Whether you first entered as a school leaver, went to college to study horticulture or are setting out in a new direction, there are career opportunities for everyone. Graham Bryant’s talk will discuss ways to maximise your potential and will suggest pathways to achieving career development.




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