Jelitto Perennial Seeds

Jelitto Perennial Seeds
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Jelitto Perennial Seeds is Europe’s leading supplier of Perennial, Ornamental Grass, Aquatic, Herb and Alpine seed for Growers. The catalogue lists nearly 4000 different varieties with detailed germination information.

Jelitto pioneered GOLD NUGGET Seed® for quick and uniform germination of cold germinators – about 300 varieties germinate in 2 – 4 weeks instead of 3 – 6 months.

Growers can schedule production with greater accuracy, eliminating cold treatments. Much less seed is needed compared with untreated seed and growers can confidently sow direct into plug trays.

Something new, something different? Browse amongst 4000 different varieties in the catalogue and you are bound to find something which will appeal to your customers or ask us for suggestions. There are lots of gems such as the gorgeous creamy Trollius ‘New Moon’; amongst the herbs you will find Stevia the sugar substitute and Acmella the toothache plant.

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