Seminars & Tours


10.00am – Fargro are hosting the following Seminars

IPM Question Time, New Products and Approvals Update

Neil Helyer

Fargro’s  team of leading IPM specialists will deliver a dynamic and interactive session which will include the latest information on IPM , new products and approvals.

Part of the seminar will include an opportunity for questions. The session will be led by Neil Helyer Fargro’s senior IPM specialist.  This event is registered for BASIS and NRoSO points.


11.00am – Thinkers are hosting the following Seminar

Square pegs in round holes – choosing business software for horticulture

Nigel Fenwick – Director of Thinkers

Start at the beginning – what choices do you actually have?

  1. Build on what you’ve already got
  2. Write your own bespoke software
  3. Choosing to go industry specific
  4. Using a generic ERP system

What we’ve learnt matters most – for managing your business 

  • Availability of stock and reserve orders
  • An unreliable supply chain challenges any system
  • Issues of capacity and timing in production orders

What we’ve learnt matters most – for using your system

  • Defining your product – the importance of human readable codes
  • Working with spreadsheets 
  • Unique IDs – not as simple as it sounds
  • A point or two on configuration for horticulture


12.00pm – Labour challenges in Horticulture – Experiencing worst
shortages since 2004

Presented by Matthew Jarret of Proforce and in conjunction with the ALP this seminar will cover;

  • Brexit Impact 
  • What the future could look like
  • Attracting and keeping your workforce


1.00pm – TBC



1.30pm – The Principles of Sprayer Calibration  



Facilitated by:  Graham Bryant of Growtrain Ltd

Graham Bryant

A hands on work shop on getting the best out of pesticide application through correct calibration.

The calibration exercise will be based around the Knapsack Sprayer also looking at alternative application equipment.

This will be a short and focused session for operators who wish to refresh their knowledge

Come prepared to get involved this will be an interactive practical workshop.

Places are limited for this Workshop, booking is essential.
All participants must report to the visitor point by 1.15pm
Workshop will be held in the Propagation unit.