Mardenkro B.V

Mardenkro B.V
Mardenkro B.V

Mardenkro assists greenhouse growers in over 50 countries all over the world in controlling sunlight and solar heat.

ReduSystems products such as ReduSol and ReduHeat allow growers to optimally control the climate conditions in their greenhouses.

Our latest development is ReduFuse; a removable greenhouse coating that converts direct solar radiation into diffused light. Light penetrates deeper so that photosynthesis is stimulated throughout the entire plant. Large-scale practical tests have shown that production increases and quality improves.

Each Mardenkro product is of the highest quality and environmentally friendly.

Mardenkro distributes the products in the United Kingdom through Fargro Ltd.
+31 (0) 13 507 7069
+31 (0) 13 507 7343
Geerstraat 8
P.O. Box 280
5110 AG Baarle-Nassau
The Netherlands

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