2nd Chance Plastic

2nd Chance Plastic

2nd Chance Plastics – Up-cycling for profit and the environment!

2nd Chance Plastics is a new venture aiming to reduce business waste and in turn increase profitability and at the same time help reduce the impact of plastic waste on the environment.

How many of us order several pallets of stock to fulfil our customer orders only to find we have a wide range of perfectly usable pots and trays left over at the end of the season? How many of us have stock piles, collecting dust and taking up valuable space?

Second Chance Plastic is a team initiative from within the Newey Group. We will collate unused Plastic Pots and Trays from around the group and hold them in a central location. Whilst our primary aim is to utilise them in the next production year for our own production, we will also like to offer stock at much reduced prices to other growers and businesses.

Before you order a pallet, come along to stand E3 and see if we can fulfil your order for you. Come and look through our current stock lists to reserve your components for next year.

Full and part pallets available.

01243 859964

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