Mikskaar AS

Mikskaar AS
Mikskaar AS

Substrates and peat products directly from Estonia to your door. Certified quality in our bogs and factories since 23 years. Custom made products according to your necessity. Standard products for the life cycle of the plant from germination to harvest. Peat replacement with wood fibre in our BioSubstrate. Nature lends a helping hand in MicroSubstrate.
The professional substrates are produced under the experienced eyes of horticultural specialists in the heart of Estonia. Our peat bogs are located around the factory, we pay closest attention to harvesting and selection of top quality peat from our bogs. Horticulture has depended on peat since the 60ies of the XX century, ever since no replacement for peat has been found. Estonia is despite its small size one of the largest peat producers in Europe. Almost a quarter of our home country is covered with peat bogs, most of it pristine natural bog, but on some of it harvesting has been allowed. Controlled raw material and extensive peat fields form one main pillar of our high quality production. Another important pillar is the knowledge in our company, here the experience of the father and son make it possible to put all best practices into work. Since the establishment in 1994, we have constantly developed our production capabilities and improved the end product. We continue to refine our processes for your benefit.

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