Hozelock Exel

Hozelock Exel
Hozelock Exel

Hozelock Exel will be showcasing their Berthoud and Cooper Pegler brands for the first time at the GroSouth show where they will be displaying their wide range of precision spraying products for the plant protection industry.

Part of Exel Industries, a group of companies that have become the world leader in precision spraying techniques, the highly regarded Cooper Pegler products have been manufactured alongside the Berthoud professional range for the last eight years.

Please come and see the Cooper Pegler CP15 Evolution comfort knapsack sprayer at first hand, and try out the sprayer for size. For those looking for the ultimate electric knapsack sprayer, the Berthoud Vermorel 3000, which features Li-ion technology for continuous high performance of up to 6 hours per charge, will also be on display.

891 Routes des Frenes, ZI Nord Arnas, BP30424, F69653 Villefranche, France

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