Thinkers Ltd

Thinkers Ltd
Thinkers Ltd

Thinkers helps companies whose software systems and business processes are creaking, broken or non-existent. Who know they need to do something about it. Who want and need to become more efficient or productive, to deliver better customer service or to grow and develop their offering.

With solid experience in the plant nursery and growing sector, we work with these SMEs to see them through major software system changes. We are fiercely independent, and so can help prepare for change, select the right software system, implement it and realise the value of the software investment.

Thinkers is a small team of independent, experienced business and software consultants. We tackle the challenges that arise when business meets software. And we help management teams think clearly, decide what to do, and then run projects to make things happen.

Our best fit customers are SMEs with between 25 and 500 employees.

SMEs which make, stock, grow, process, supply or service things. Firms for whom business critical software is exactly that – critical to the business.
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Whiteleaf, Crawley, Hampshire
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